Password-Manager Friendly

Draft specification on GitHub!

Password-Manager Friendly (PMF) semantic markup is a set of HTML class names and hidden elements that make web pages easier for password managers to parse and interact with. PMF semantic class names designate the meaning and purpose of human-readable forms and other elements, while a small number of additional hidden elements supply useful information that is not normally be available to a password manager.

The PMF standard specifies a machine-readable format for password policies to allow password managers to generate strong, policy-compliant passwords for users.

PMF markup only uses existing standards-compliant features of HTML. This makes it easy for both website authors and password manager developers to adopt.

More about PMF

For more infomation you can read the draft specification, the PMF paper or watch Max's talk from Passwords 2014 where PMF was first presented:

Frame from Max's PMF talk at Passwords 2014

The slides from the talk are available with or without notes.


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